Woody Guthrie Annual

The Woody Guthrie Annual is an open-access peer-reviewed journal containing the most up-to-date scholarship on Woody Guthrie, his work and his cultural and political significance. The journal is published once a year, between June and December.

Woody Guthrie 'This machine kills fascists'

In addition to peer-reviewed scholarly articles, The Woody Guthrie Annual contains book and record reviews, news, and notices of relevant events. The journal is comprehensively indexed and archived in the appropriate online repositories.

The editors invite articles not only on Guthrie himself, but also on the cultural and political movements in which he was involved, his associations, and his legacy - all we ask is that a firm connection with Guthrie be maintained throughout the article.

For more information on the life and legacy of Woody Guthrie, please visit www.WoodyGuthrie.org

Managing Editor

Will Kaufman, University of Central Lancashire


Editorial Board

Ray Allen, Brooklyn College

Martin Butler, Carl von Ossietzky University, Oldenburg

Ronald D. Cohen, Indiana University Northwest (Emeritus)

William Deverell, University of Southern California

Bucky Halker, Independent Scholar and Musician

Mark Allan Jackson, Middle Tennessee State University

Jonathan Kertzer, University of Alberta

Peter LaChapelle, Nevada State College

Brian Hosmer, University of Tulsa

Robbie Lieberman, Kennesaw State University

Jim Ronda, University of Tulsa (Emeritus)

Jerry Zolten, Penn State University

Jorge Arevalo Mateus, Hunter College (CUNY), Centre for Traditional Music and Dance

Advisory Board

Kate Blalack, Woody Guthrie Archives

Anna Canoni, Woody Guthrie Publications

Tiffany Colannino, Independent Archivist

Ed Cray, University of Southern California

Todd Harvey, Library of Congress

Darryl Holter, The Shammas Group

Michael Kleff, Editor and Broadcaster

Jimmy LaFave, Musician

Ken Levit, George Kaiser Foundation

Guy Logsdon, University of Tulsa (Retired)

Deana McCloud, Woody Guthrie Center

Bill Nowlin, Rounder Records

Barry Ollman, Independent Collector

Jeff Place, Smithsonian Institution

Joel Rafael, Musician

Bob Santelli, Grammy Museum

Vol 2 (2016)

Table of Contents


Introduction PDF
Will Kaufman 1 - 3
Social Gospel Principles in the Songs of Woody Guthrie PDF
Mark Allen Jackson 4 - 17
"Why Couldn't the Wind Blow Backwards?" Woody Guthrie's Songs for Children PDF
Liam Maloy 18 - 43
Woody Guthrie and Fred Trump PDF
Will Kaufman 44 - 53
Eleventh Annual BMI-Woody Guthrie Fellowship Winners Announced PDF
The BMI Foundation 54 - 55
Report from the Woody Guthrie Centre PDF
Deana McCloud 56
Report form the Woody Guthrie Archives PDF
Kate L Blalack 57 - 58


Book Reviews PDF
  59 - 69
CD Review PDF
  70 - 71


Notes on Contributors PDF
  72 - 73

ISSN: 2053-8804