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Welcome to the Journal of Second Language Teaching and Research (JSLTR). This is an open-access journal which provide a platform both for established and early-career researchers. JSLTR is engaged with building a community of practice (both online and offline) and supports debate and scholarship in second language teaching and research. The journal is published twice a year and accepts research papers and forum articles from the fields of English language and modern language teaching. Research papers and forum articles are all subject to peer review before being accepted for inclusion. Contributions for future editions are welcome.

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Vol 7, No 1

Table of Contents


Students’, Teachers’ and Recruiters’ Perception of Teaching Effectiveness and the Importance of Nativeness in ELT PDF
Marek Kiczkowiak 1-25
Young EFL Learners as Co-researchers: Agents in Foreign Language Contexts PDF
Çiğdem Güneş 26-55
The Impact of Rubric Use on Peer Feedback Tasks in a TESOL Practicum PDF
Kristen Lindahl, MaryAnn Christison, Zuzana Tomaš 56-80
Adult L2 Japanese learners’ production and perception of Vietnamese monophthong vowels PDF
Đích Mục Đào, Anh-Thư T. Nguyễn 81-106
Literary dialogues as models of conversation in English Language Teaching PDF
Christian Jones, David Oakey 107-135
Theory and Practice in Foreign Language Writing Instruction PDF
Michael D. Hubert, Joshua D. Bonzo 135-159
Comparing lexical development at two distinct IELTS bands within an international foundation programme PDF
Andrew Drummond 160-183
An Investigation on Instructional-Level Reading Among Chinese L2 Learners PDF
Shen H. Helen 184-211

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