Enhancing Engagement With Mandatory Modules: Forensic Science Students And Learning The Law

Natalie Mason


This article investigates the lack of engagement which forensic science students have demonstrated with seminars in law, taught by the author at the University of Central Lancashire. With the students’ seminar performance accounting for 25 per cent of their overall module grade, the second year undergraduate module is a requisite for their course and covers the foundations of criminal and civil law as well as the role and scope of forensic science within the legal system. In exploring this issue and its implications for the student experience and assessment, motivational theories and literature, proposals for more creative teaching practices and ideas for curriculum development are discussed, in the hope that feasible solutions can be formulated to aid the planning of engaging lessons for this module in future academic years and improve the learning and teaching experience for both students and lecturers of law-science, interdisciplinary or requisite modules.


student engagement; forensic science; law; legal education; interdisciplinary;motivation

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