International Electronic Link-Up to Promote Interaction in Foreign Language

Judith Broadbridge


For two academic years, students of French at UCLan and students of English at the IUT (University Institute of Technology) in Lannion have taken part in an electronic exchange programme designed to promote and extend the practice of their linguistic skills. In the year under review here, students interacted with each other on a one-to-one basis, using any form of electronic communication available to them. There were also several group sessions set up via Skype or video-conferencing. The current paper seeks to explore the implementation of such an electronic exchange from the English students’ perspective, its role in encouraging interaction and Its advantages and disadvantages from the students’ and the lecturers’ point of view. Findings will serve to further develop and enhance the project in future years and provide guidance for other practitioners.


Foreign language learning; electronic exchange; computer mediated communication

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