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Managing Editor

Dr Will Kaufman, University of Central Lancashire

Editorial Board

  • Dr Ray Allen, Brooklyn College, United States
  • Dr James P Ronda, University of Tulsa, United States
  • Dr John Partington, Independant Scholar, Reading, UK
  • Dr Brian Hosmer, University of Tulsa, United States
  • Dr Peter La Chapelle, Nevada State College, United States
  • Dr Jonathan Kertzer, University of Alberta, Canada
  • Dr Mark Allen Jackson, Middle Tennessee State University, United States
  • Dr Bucky Halker, Independant Scholar and Musician, United States
  • Dr William Deverell, United States
  • Dr Ronald Cohen, Indiana University Northwest, United States
  • Prof Martin Butler, Carl von Ossietzky Universitat, Oldenburg, Germany
  • Dr Jerry Zolten, Penn State Altoona, United States
  • Dr Robbie Lieberman, Kennesaw State University, United States