Customization in Designing a Course for Interpreter Training


  • Katarzyna Anna Weiss University of Central Lancashire, School of Literature, Languages and International Studies


customization, course design, interpreter training, conference interpreting, intercultural communication


This article deals with the notion of customization for the purpose of conference interpreter training. Two years ago a new MA level programme in Interpreting and Translation was created at the School of Languages and International Studies, University of Central Lancashire in Preston, UK. At the beginning of the third year of teaching on the programme, the author attempts to analyse the course design to find out if  the course can be tailored to meet an individual student’s needs while at the same time ensuring that the students are taught all the key modules. All the modules that are directly relevant to practising interpreting skills are presented and carefully analysed. The author is also interested in the process of intercultural communication between students from the respective language streams on the course (so far, in alphabetical order, Arabic, Chinese, French, German and Polish) and the influence it could have on the students’ co-operation within the course. Another important background question is related to the impact customisation in the course design could potentially have on the alumni’s employability and in what way the programme actually prepares students for their future professional lives. Conclusions and evaluation form the last part of the article.