The Benefits of Delivering Formative Feedback via Video-Casts

Sarita Robinson, Luna Centifanti, Gayle Brewer, Lynda Holyoak


Universities face the challenge of offering high quality feedback in a time- and cost-efficient manner. In this context, the use of eLearning technologies offers a number of potential advantages to both the tutor and student. For example, eLearning technologies may allow students to fully engage with their studies whilst maintaining other responsibilities (such as childcare or paid employment). The mixed methods study explored both student and tutor experiences of using video-casts (via the eLearning technology, Adobe Connect) for personalised formative feedback. Twenty four final-year students were offered the opportunity to receive video-cast feedback on their project drafts alongside more traditional written and face-to-face feedback. The experiences of eighteen students and the reflections of their tutors are reported here. In summary, students found video-cast feedback to be easy to access, clear, and motivational. Tutors reported that the video-cast feedback was easy to record, and reduced workload. Specifically, subsequent meetings were more focused and further follow-up meetings were unnecessary.

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