“Who Cares if I Care?” Facilitating Learning in Higher Education

Panayiotis Constanti


Being an academic practitioner for almost three decades, I am continuously enhancing my self-awareness, and developing strategies for addressing my, and student behaviour in order to eliminate the barriers to learning. By leveraging this awareness, I have focused on the facilitation of student engagement and learning, in order to create a caring and respectful learning environment.

The paper explores the literature related to the “caring” individual and behaviours which can either enhance or hinder student engagement during student/teacher interactions. By unpacking the inherent complexities in order to identify strategies that promote pedagogical care, a reflective narrative is provided on the personal learning gained while investigating this integral aspect of the student experience.

Finally, and, in an attempt to bridge the perceived gap, concluding thoughts and implications provide a synthesis between the analysis and the UK., Professional Standards Framework.

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